Addicted To Sheep (2016) Provenance Films Director: Magali Pettier Producer: Jan Cawood

Horses (2010) BBC Storyville/RTE/West Park Pictures. Director: Liz Mermin Producer: Aisling Ahmed 

Shot In Bombay (2008) BBC Storyville/Sundance Channel/ Little Bird Director: Liz Mermin Producer: Nahrein Mirza


Born to be Wild (2019) *

Housing Yorkshire: Somewhere to Call Home (2018) *

Cruising with Jane Macdonald (2018) *

Bake Off Israel (2018) *

Island Medics (2018) *

Fameless (2017) *

Rip Off Britain Holidays (2017) *

Ultras Dance Crew (2017) *

Olmos Y Robles (2016) *

Rip Off Britain (2016) *

Air An Rathad (2015) *

Kirstie’s Christmas (2015) *

Bible Hunters (2014) 2 x 60’ CTVC/ BBC/ Smithsonian Institute Director/Producer: Tilman Remme Executive Producer: Ray Bruce

Amazing Azerbaijan (2012) 1 x 60′ Mermin Film / Crow Hill Films Director: Liz MerminProducer: Aisling Ahmed

Raiding Russia (2011) 1 x 50’ Drama Documentary Picture Films Director/Producer: Tilman Remme

Panorama (2010) *

Business 2025 (2007) 1 x 60’ Red Bee Media/ BBC Worldwide Director Jacquie Beaumont, Marcus Jones & Chris McKenna Producer: Thea Cole

Flowers Don’t Grow Here (2005) 1 x 60’ Clarity Productions Director: Shira Pinson Producer: Sarah Tierney

Spoilt Rotten (2003) 1 x 60’ Yorkshire Television/ITV Director: Gavin Searle

Bald (2003) 1 x 60’ Betty TV/ Channel 4 Director: Richard Bond

* Production Music Placement


Wissper (2015-2018) 52 104 x 7’ Theme Music & Songs Channel 5/M4E/Telegael Director: Kevin Snoad

Spot (2013-2014) 1 x 4’ Development Pilot Penguin Creative Director: Ronnie Fairweather

Mimi Good And Bibi Bad (2012) Theme Music Hoho EntertainmentProducer: Oliver Ellis

Yung Fei (2012) 1 x 11.5’ Pilot Disney  /Kavaleer Films Director: Tim Bjorklund Producers: Beth Gardiner & Jackie Leonard

Grunge (2011) Pitch Film Absolutely Cuckoo

Waybuloo (2009-2013) 150 x 20’; 50 x 10’ Zodiak Media/The Foundation/DHX Media/BBC Series Producer: Simon Spencer Lead Director: Dirk Campbell

CBeebies Tidying Song  (2008) Red Bee Media

Podville (2006) 10 x 14’  interactive drama Magic Lantern and BBC Creative Director: Russell Stopford. Producer: Rupert Harris

Nick Jr Holidays (2005) Christmas Song Creative Director: Jane Laffey

Only In America (2005) 10 x 30 ‘ entertainment travel show CBBC Producer: Paul Giddings


Harvest (2019) Director & Producer: Jemima Burrill

The New Model (2013) Director & Producer: Jemima Burrill


Serious Scenes (2017) Abaco Music / Cavendish Music Commissioner: Taz Mattar

Keep It Simple 2  (2014) Abaco Music / Cavendish Music Commissioner: Iain Roberton

Keep It Simple 1 (2014) Abaco Music / Cavendish Music Commissioner: Iain Roberton


Hollow (2014) Short Director: Joe Payne Producer: Emma Sturgis

The Initiation Of Kim Sun (2008) Short Director: Henry Scholfield Producer: Adrian Kowal

Coming Down The Mountain (2007) Songs (with Ben Harlan) 1 x 90’ Tiger Aspect / BBC Director: Julie Anne Robinson Producer: Roanna Benn

This Is What It Is (2007) 1 x 90’ Additional Music La Famiglia Director: Cristian Solimeno

Vado A Messa (2005) Short Director: Ginevra Elkann


SJ Bravo - We Never Dream (2017) Aztec Records

Rudimental - Good Thing (2015) Kill Your Friends OST Atlantic Vocal Editing

Waybuloo – A World Of Musical Happiness (2010) Soundtrack Album Demon Music


Breakthrough Prize (2013) “Stephen Hawking” & “CERN Hadron Collider” Crow Hill Films /  Mermin Film Director: Liz Mermin Producer: Aisling Ahmed

Louis Vuitton (2012) “Heritage” Next Shoot Producer: Dominic Sutherland

Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust (2010) “Cam’s Den Song”

KPMG /The Sunday Times (2009) Met Film Director: Edward McGown

John Lewis Partnership (2009) “Magna Park” Met Film

Waitrose (2007) “Through Partners” Met Film

Waitrose (2007) “Though a Lens” Met Film

Department Of Education (2006) “20-20 Learning” Magic Lantern Director: Edward McGown

Photovoice (2006) 1 x 10’  Flash Animation

British Film Institute “Cultural Capital” (2006) Magic Lantern Creative Director: Russell Stopford

Enila Watches (2006) Sales Presentation Film Consider Creative

Film Council (2006) “The Big Picture” Magic Lantern Director: Will Henshaw

Get The Message (2006) Met Film Producer: Jim Warren

John Lewis Partnership (2006) “Partnership Spirit” Met Film

John Lewis Partnership (2006) Quarterly Report Music Kit Met Film

London Business School (2006) “Proteus” Consider Creative

London Business School (2006) Alumni Fund Films x 2 Consider Creative

BT (2005) “21st Century”Magic Lantern

Ben And Jerry’s / World Wildlife Fund (2005) “Climate Change College” Green TV Creative Director: Ade Thomas

London Business School (2005) Brand Film Joose TV

Hampton Court And The Historic Royal Palaces (2004) Garden Exhibition Film Elbow Productions

EIS Challenge (2004) Magic Lantern Creative Director: Russell Stopford

Hampton Court And The Historic Royal Palaces (2003) Buildings Exhibition Film Commissioner: David Souden

Novo Nordisk (2003) Oxford 2020 Vision Magic Lantern 

Photovoice (2001) Live Event Films


CERN People (2012) 23 x 3-6’ Films of Record Director: Liz Mermin

The Insiders (2008) 6 x 5 ‘ Comedy Twenty Twenty/ Channel Four Creative Director: Roger Drew

Digital Switchover (2007) Red Bee Media

Greetings (2007) Ringtone Videos Absolutely Cuckoo

Four Docs (2005) Music Library  &  4 x 5′ films Magic Lantern Creative Director: Russell Stopford


BAFTA (2013) BAFTA Productions Titles Ident Producer: Clare Brown

BBC Storyville (2008) Titles Ident Red Bee Media Creative Director: Oliver Harnett

Velcade TV (2005) Met Film Creative Director: Russell Stopford


Astonish (2010) Molinaire Director: Will Henshaw

Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund (2008) Red Bee Media Creative Director: Jim De Zoete

BBC Four (2007) Bombay Railways Trailer Red Bee Media

Amazing Thailand (2007) Red Bee Media Director: Marcus Jones

Nickelodeon (2007) October on Nickelodeon – National cinema campaign Creative Director: Jane Laffey

Nick Jr (2005) Sleepover Club Creative Director: Jane Laffey

Time Bank (2005) Green TV Creative Director: Ade Thomas

Ken Livingstone Mayoral Campaign Video (2004) Great Guns